The All Time Joke About Microsoft Support

A helicopter pilot & his co-pilot were flying around Washington coastline, but were lost in a large fogbank. So after awhile his co-pilot notices a large building off in the distance. The pilot turns the helo towards the building, flies up next to it, & directs his co-pilot to draw a large note on a piece of paper, & hold it up against the cockpit door which reads, “Where are we?” The people inside nod their heads to indicate their understanding, & draw a response on another piece of paper which reads “You’re in a helicopter.” The pilot then nods affirmatively, & takes off in a straight-line direction towards SeaTac. He then lands the helo, & they pull out their gear. As they’re walking back to the hangar from the tarmac, the co-pilot asks, “I don’t understand why you knew where to go after they responded to the question.” “Easy” the pilot replied, “It was the Microsoft building.” The co-pilot was still confused, and said, “But how did you know it was the Microsoft building?” To which the pilot replied, “Again, easy, I knew it was the Microsoft building because they gave me an answer that was technically correct, but completely useless.”

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