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Video Conferencing Network Bandwidth Requirements

Video conferencing has been around for over two decades and the associated technologies have evolved dramatically. Corporations, big or small, use video conferencing on a daily basis. It is an important technology that is coined as a business

The All Time Joke About Microsoft Support

A helicopter pilot & his co-pilot were flying around Washington coastline, but were lost in a large fogbank. So after awhile his co-pilot notices a large building off in the distance. The pilot turns the helo towards

Apple / IBM Partnership It could lead to a Win-Win-Win situation, if the strategies from this partnership are executed correctly. Apple can leverage on the enormous amount of trust that IBM has built up over the decades with enterprise customers (giant banks, government, insurance,

How To Transfer Your WordPress Website From One Host To Another Host

I recently had a need to move some of my WordPress Websites from one host to another due to a quality reason with the first host and I searched around for articles that talk about how to

What I saw at HP World Tour 2014

HP is focusing on the four megatrends: Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, Security which to a great extent are common across all vertical industries (some may put more focus on a particular trend) and should not be just an HP’s silo view but

Networking Professionals Payscale

I was astonished by the high salary that networking professionals are making after I read the following job postings recently on a recruiter’s newsletter. SOLUTION ARCHITECT / PRESALES • Experience & Skills: IT professional with more than

Re-Think VPN

As per request from the CIO, Help Desk is reaching out to consolidate the feedback/comments from the various support teams who have helped end users with their VPN issues. We will also look at our support ticket

BlackBerry 10 Takes Off

BlackBerry 10 Takes Off BlackBerry remains to have a strong vision in the mobility and collaboration space. BlackBerry 10 seems to be a major strike back as it is obviously geared towards providing the features which its


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